Most Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I get a Business Account with INSTACouriers?

    Applying for a Business Account is easy.Just fill in the online form by clicking the link provided in the mail, and send us a copy of your PAN card and TIN registration certificate.

  2. What are the basic requiremt to open the business account with INSTACouriers?

    You need to have the business entity (proprietor firm/partnership firm/pricate or public limited company). You need an internet connection and the printer to book the shipment and print the label(AWB).

  3. How to Start Shipping?

    • Login to the Storeshipper using the User ID and the Password provided to you by INSTACouriers.
    • Check rates under the tab check rates to check the rate of diffect operator
    • Choose the operator and fill the details required
    • For prepaid recharge the wallet in order to start creating shipments
    • Print the AWB and paste the same on the package
    • You can then begin shipping immediately using INSTACouriers Storeshipper

  4. Who will do the packaging of my shipment?

    Shipment packaging has to be done by the shipper and need to paste the AWB before handing over the shipment to the pickup person.

  5. Can I handle the entire shipping process online?

    Yes, all the tools and information you need to make shipping as easy and convenient as possible are available online like:-
    One Account With StoreShipper you get:-

    • Multiple courier companies to choose from.
    • Auto AWB (Airway bill) number, with Auto Pick up generation.
    • Automatic Status Update of all your bookings.
    • Auto SMS and Email Notifications for Booking Creating and Delivery for both Shipper and the Receiver.
    • COD features.
    • Reverse Pickup, Order History, Easy Recharge.
    • Dashboard with all advanced statistics, with visualized graphs to make your business data alive to help you grow your business.

  6. Can I prepare my shipping documents online?

    Yes, it's easy to prepare your shipments online. Login to INSTACouriers Storeshipper to process your shipment. Print your shipping labels and you're ready to ship.

  7. Who will pick up my Parcels/Couriers?

    The Parcels/ Shipments would be picked up by your selected Courier operator from the pickup location depending on the booking cutoff time. Pleasse get in touch with us for Cut off time for pickup of each vendor.

  8. How are the rates Estimate arrived?

    Based on the following input information,

    • Pick UP and Delivery pincodes/zone
    • Number of Parcels
    • Mode of transport(Air/Surface)
    • Higher of Actual Weight or Dimensional Weight (Please contact us for more on the dimensional weight)
    • COD if required
    • Delivery Duration may vary from one courier operator to the other service providers to the other.

  9. Do I need to paste the Labels?

    Yes Mandatory. Once the shipment creation is done you need to create the shipment label and paste the same on the shipment. The shipment label includes Air Way bill(AWB) number. We recommend you to take print out of this label, paste it on all the number of parcels and hand over one copy to courier pickup personnel. AWB is required to track the status of the shipment.

  10. Do I need to enter the correct Dimensions & Weight?

    Before booking any documents or parcel, make sure you have the accurate dimensions and weight of the parcel to get the accurate rate estimates and services. Failing to do so will lead the complications and even rejection of your courier pick up request by the pickup personnel. In case if the declared parcel is underweight, the difference amount will be charged back / deducted from your account.

  11. What is manifest copy?

    Manifest copy is the proof of the pick up. If the shipment is booked after the booking cutoff time then the manifest copy will be gererated for the next day as pickup will not happen the same day.

  12. Can I Edit and/or Correct or Add Parcels to my order?

    Once the order is booked, it cannot be edited to add/delete/change the dimension of the parcels.

  13. Can I Create Multi – Location Pickups?

    Yes. With INSTACouriers you can definitely create Multi Location Pickups. You can create shipments from any part of the country to any part of the country or international locations. If they are in the serviceable pincode.

  14. How to place orders for multiple parcels with different address for Pickup and Delivery?

    If all the orders are placed to one operator you can create the shipment by bulk upload method. For more on bulk upload please get in touch with us.

  15. How do I know which Pin code in the Serviceable list?

    • Current we have 25,000 Plus servable pin codes including regular and ODA/OPA.
    • Before booking a shipment we would advise you to go on the Check rates page.
    • In the From (Origin Pin code) and To (Destination Pin code) fill in the correct Pin codes.
    • Once filled both the fields would be showing the From and To Destinations
    • In case either of them (From or To) is not populating the City/ Destination. Then the service to the desired pin code is Unavailable.

  16. What is OPA / ODA Pincode /location how does my rates affect?

    ODA (Out of Delivery Area), OPA (Out of Pickup Area). This notification is seen when the Pickup Destination is out of the regular pickup areas. For which our third party vendors get it picked by an authorized pickup agent. Charges to the same would be applicable as per the selected vendor rules.

  17. Does the parcel gets Insured at the time of booking?

    All Parcels sent through INSTACouriers are under Owners/Own risk only.The parcels shipped through INSTACouriers are not covered by Insurance. We advise our Customers to get their goods insured through a Third Party Insurance company.

    • Issues & Claims
    • Any Issues pertaining to Shipment or Delivery needs to addressed to us within 48 Hours of the dispute along with the proper evidence / proof. Any Issues/ claims after the stipulated time frame would not be entertained.

  18. On what grounds my parcel/shipment will be returned?

    • The reason for returning the parcels will be defined by the courier and/or logistical services providers. You can place the fresh order upon receiving the parcel after rectifying the issue why the parcel was returned earlier. Once the parcel returned process is initiated from the respective service providers, parcel would be delivered back to the pickup address and will attract surcharges and/or additional charges will be levied on the customer.
    • Common reasons are Receiver/consignee not available, wrong delivery address, rejected by the consignee, not providing regulator form, not having the required documents, sending prohibited items, etc

  19. Payments + Billing & Invoices + Charge Back.

    • Pre – Paid model only. Recharge system is available on the tool. Where Customers can recharge their wallet in order to create shipments.
    • Credit - Account: Consolidated Bill would be generated which would include all the orders placed in a month. More on Credit note please get in touch with us.
    • Charge Backs: If any parcel is under weighed / Incorrect Dimensions or any other misc. charges will be charged back to your A/c.

  20. Maximum Liability for Own Risk Payments

    IC is not liable for any of the shipment damaged or lost during transit. Courier operator depending on the value of the shipment issue the own risk payment or issue COF (Certificate of Facts) which can be used to initiate the insurance claim.

  21. What Form do I need to Submit at the time of shipping / State regulatory Form?

    • It’s the Duty of the Shipper to furnish all the necessary information and documents which, Complies with the local law, for uninterrupted movement of the consignment.
    • If the shipment value is more than 50,000 E-way bill is required to be generated for both importing and exporting states.

  22. What is support status and what are the different support statuses and what do they mean?

    Support status shows the current status of the shipment i.e. if the shipment is picked up and in movement or to show if the shipment has been delivered or not.
    The different support statuses are:

    • Not Picked/Courier Booked: This means the shipment has been booked in the portal but the physical pickup has not happened yet.
    • In Transit: This means that the shipment has been physically picked up and is in motion towards its destiny.
    • Exception: The status appears whe there is a delivery issue i.e. if there is a paper missing or if the shipment is getting returned etc.
    • Pending: This appears when the booking has been canceled by the system or by the customer.

  23. What is Eway bill ?

    E-Way Bill is the short form of Electronic Way Bill. It is a unique document/bill, which is electronically generated for the specific consignment/movement of goods from one place to another, either inter-state or intra-state and of value more than INR 50,000, required under the current GST regime.

  24. How to generate E-way bill ?

    E-Way bill are generated either via online e-way bill system or through SMS. The bill needs to be generated before the start of the movement of goods.
    Please find the link below for more information on E-way bill and to generate the E-way bill or and

  25. Prohibited items

    Some of the Items which are prohibited by our Third Party Courier Vendors are:-

    • Liquids, Firearms, Firecrackers, Glass, Electronics

    For full list of Prohibited Items please refer to the link provided in the tool.

Some of the commonly used courier logistics acronym:

  • OPA- Out of Pickup Location
  • ODA- Out of Delivery Area
  • OFD- Out for Delivery
  • RTS- Returned To Shipper
  • SLA- Service Level Agreement
  • RTO- Returned To Origin
  • TAT- Turn Around Time
  • COD- Cash On Delivery
  • NDR- Non Delivery Report.
  • POS– Priority Overnight Service
  • SOS – Standard Overnight Service